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This is my Land

Opening 19th July 2008, 19:30 (19/07 - 5/08) @ Art Gallery Kivotos 3000, Polis-Chrysochous, Pafos Also presentations by Sevgul Uludag and Panicos Chrysanthou (inc. part screening of 'Our Wall') This is my land consists of three parts - 1.Missing Cypriots : I dedicate the largest and the most important part of the exhibition to this subject: Sevgül Uludag´s book, Oysters with the missing pearls, which deals with the subject and which influenced me a lot, gave me the incentive to place the subject at the core of my exhibition. We have been following the idea of organising a travelling exhibition together with sevgül for some time now, with the objective to raise the public consciousness on the stories of the missing persons in Cyprus. The aim of this exhibition is to draw attention on the work of some independent journalists, whose investigations enabled finding the remains of missing persons and after identifying them, handing them over to their families. The island and the stories of its people such as the personal tragedies of the missing seem too far away to raise interest in Central Europe. Nevertheless, the wounds caused to each other during the conflict, can only be healed when these stories are made public, when the remains of the missing found and buried in dignity. We intend to show the exhibition in several European capitals in the near future, Nicosia, Berlin, Brussels etc. 2. Dry, Living Trees : an homage to the beauty of trees, the trees of this island, The last findings and identification are concerned with the case of Kutlay Erk´s father. The exhibition starts in „my country“, Cyprus and more specifically in Polis with the participation of Sevgül Uludag, Panicos Chrysanthou and relatives of the missing persons, who will share their experiences. Unfortunately it was not possible to start the exhibition series in Berlin, the city I live in, as we failed to raise funding for the project – though Cyprus is an EU member state, the history the stories, treasures and secrets they bear. Drawings in black and white, showing the power of old knotty trees in which the observer will discover a lot of new, lively things after an intense gaze. 3. Portraits and Landscapes in Polis : is the result of my studies here in Polis and the surroundings from 2004 til today. They are some particular glances to the present interwoven with memories of my personal past.
DATE: 19 Jul 2008 until 05 Aug 2008
LOCATION: Art Cafe Kivotos 3000, Polis Chrysochous
CONTACT: Tina tel: 99555193 email: