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Think positive see negative Zuzana Miklasova

“Think positive, see negative” is a photo exhibition that aims to lift up hidden beauty of everyday situations and objects, supporting it with simple thoughts, which may be for some answers to basic wonderings.

In an interview with daily English newspaper Cyprus Mail the artists said: "I''m trying to make people slow down for a minute to see things they don''t usually stop to look at." Unlike most photographers, Zuzana chooses to print her photographs in negative. In the interview she explains why:"I want to show a different point of view. You can always look at everything in two ways and so I chose to turn things around and show them in their somewhat obscure negative form."

Zuzanna Miklášová was born on this planet in 1978 and since then lived in various places in Europe. Being Aquarius she always travels through different worlds and expresses her experience in many original ways.

Photography is one of them. For Zuzanna photography has the unique ability to stop the time flow and expose moments of our lives which have often passed by without even being noticed.

Besides photography Zuzanna has been using many forms of creativity through her journey on fields of art – from stained glass and painting to decorative works with bronze and gemstones.

The exhibition is held in the recently opened gallery FORZA 9 from Tuesday 15 until 29 August. FORZA 9 is a modest sized gallery in the heart of the lovely town Polis Chrysochous. With its monthly exhibitions FORZA 9 wants to create a platform where innovative Cypriot artists can present their work to local and foreign residents, tourists and – through digital media – to other galleries and cultural centres in Cyprus and abroad.

The interaction which results from exhibiting their work will help artists to further expand their scope and the audience has a chance to experience the diverse, trendsetting and creative activities of the cultural scene in Cyprus.

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DATE: 15 Aug 2006 until 29 Aug 2006
LOCATION: Art gallery Forza 9, Polis Chrysochous, Cyprus
Think positive, see negative exhibition