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Strawberries by Yianna Nicolaou

The opening exhibition is called "STRAWBERRIES". Inspired by ordinary drinking straws Yianna Nicolaou created intriguing and innovative photography and – specially for this occasion – a sculpture made of straws.

For Yianna Nicolaou seeing simple everyday objects in a different perspective and using them as alternative materials for her creativity is the essence of her work in general.

About "STRAWBERRIES" the artist states:
"The way children create by simply using found materials and lots of imagination, as well as my own search for that playful, child-like imagination was the starting point of this project.

By experimenting with household objects I finally found inspiration in drinking straws. After sometime of creating small sculptural pieces with straws I moved on to another perspective: through the camera.

The outcome is fascinating. The effect of light on the straws sometimes creates a painterly image, another composition resembles digitally made images and they might even have a very chemical quality to them. My aim to see everyday objects in a different way is achieved this way. The photographs as well as the title are chosen especially to trick the viewer. This way that playful character comes back into the work. It’s a guessing game!"

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DATE: 30 Apr 2006 until 23 Jun 2006
LOCATION: Art gallery Forza 9, Polis Chrysochous, Cyprus
Strawberries, exhibition in art gallery Forza 9 Polis Chrysochous Cyprus