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Real Women dont paint Flowers

Group exhibition by 5 female artists - Forza 9 Gallery, Polis Chrysochous
9 – 23 November 2008

Real men don’t eat quiche and real women don’t paint flowers. At least that’s what some people say. Real men are supposed to eat souvla and serious artists paint abstract forms or themes that need a lot of expertise to understand.
But five local artists joined in an exhibition just to prove the contrary. Irene Athanasiou, Jenny Duerdoth, Anne Empson, Val Stringer and Stephanie Wood joined in a group exhibition to give you a chance to loose yourself in the beauty of flower paintings.
Georgia O’Keefe, one of the most famous female artists of the 20th century whose large scale flowers have become her trademark, proves beyond doubt that flowers are to be taken a serious subject for art. Like a young, talented artist recently put it: “Thanks to O’Keefe we can paint flowers!”.
Stop and smell the flowers – so join us at the opening of the exhibition on Sunday the 9th of November at 7pm or afterwards to admire one of the most beautiful and inspiring subjects in the visual arts: flowers.
Forza 9 Gallery is located in the centre of Polis Chrysochous, around the corner of the main square. Forza 9 Gallery is open Mo – Sa from 10AM – 3PM and 6 – 9PM. Call for more information: 99127428 or visit
DATE: 09 Nov 2008 until 23 Nov 2008
LOCATION: FORZA 9 Gallery, Polis Chrysochous
CONTACT: Christina tel. 99127428 email