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Oneira Dreams by Chindos

"ONEIRA" is the debut exposition of Cypriot artist Chindos from Tera village which takes place at FORZA 9 gallery in Polis Chrysochous from Saturday 1st of July until Sunday the 16th of July. The exhibition will be opened festively on the 1st of July at 19:00 hours. The Vasilikos Winery has been found willing to sponsor the opening by donating a few cases of their excellent wines.

The exhibition shows two aspects of the multi-talented artist. The walls show his intriguing black and white pen drawings combined with his wooden sculptures on the floor. These sculptures show Chindos'' dedication to beautiful shapes and his craftsmanship to turn a rough piece of wood into a delicate work of art. The pen drawings are pure black and white compositions that consist of an inconceivable amount of tiny circles in which the observer can discover all kinds of – mostly human – forms: faces, bodies, fishes and celestial elements.

About the pen drawings Chindos states: "My circles are like molecules. On their own they are tiny and meaningless, but as a group they form all kinds of organisms determined by the way they are organized. With my circles I reflect a chaos from which beautiful things can emerge when the right pieces are combined together."

Already in 1977 Chindos experimented with circles but the last 3 years he developed a very personal and distinctive style and refined his technique that lead to the works exhibited. Observing the minuscule elements that images consist of, one can understand the patience and endurance the artist must have to accomplish this difficult task. The largest work of the show (approximately 1 meter by 80 cm) took about 3 months to finish during which Chindos worked 2 to 2,5 hours a day average on the piece. To protect himself from the poisonous thinner that is released by using the pen, he wears a mask. In one hand he holds his pen and in the other a magnifying glass to keep track of the tiny circles. Being a professional frame maker and having his own framing workshop adds to the work as Chindos is totally in control of the finishing stages of the artwork as well.

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DATE: 01 Jul 2006 until 16 Jul 2006
LOCATION: Art gallery Forza 9, Polis Chrysochous, Cyprus
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Poster Oneira
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