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La vie Parisienne

“La vie Parisienne” is not only a phrase in the French language for the people from Paris, it became an international expression / describing a whole life style starting in the beginning of the last century and still valid today.

“La vie Parisienne” reflects the spirit of a very “chic” live style with glamour, music and entertainment. “La vie Parisienne” was also the name of the more famous and well-known specifically Parisienne magazines in the beginning of last century. Originally intended as a guide to the privileged social and artistic life in the French capital, it soon envolved into a mildly risqué publication in which illustrations of scantily clad damsels abounded. It was all done in very good taste. The magazine was very popular. Abroad “La vie Parisienne” had a reputation as a sowce of erotica. A reputation that was certainly undeserved, for apart from some slightly revealing drawings or the occasional tastefully executed art-noveau nude illustration, the magazine was much more a high class literary humour magazine.

The illustrations were made by artists such as Leonnec and Herouard, many of whom later became rightly famous. Another French magazine from that time was the L'Illustration representing the same life style. L'Illustration is now remembered for the printing of lavish, two-page colour illustrations, a then somewhat extravagant luxury in news magazines. These illustrations, in colour or black and white, were created by renowned and proficiently gifted French illustrators and artists such as George Scott, Francois Flaming, Lucien Jonas, J. Simont and many others. The look of these two magazines was so remarkable that there are nowadays world wide collectors for all the illustrations.

The exhibition "La vie Parisienne" at the ART CAFÉ KIVOTOS 3000 will show original French illustration prints from the above mentioned magazines. It is a large collection of luxury advertisement prints and illustrations from world-wide known brands such as Pernod, Nestlé, Dior and many others. Some of the prints on exhibit will be mounted and framed, the majority will be shown in large portfolios. A number of the prints will be on sale since it is the heartfelt wish of the current owner that collectors and connoisseurs of this delightful art form will have the opportunity to enjoy the most attractive pieces of ther late partner's collection. They are ideal christmas, wedding or birthday presents as well.

DATE: 02 Jan 2009 until 20 Dec 0001
LOCATION: Art Cafe Kivotos 3000, Polis Chrysochous
CONTACT: Tina tel: 99555193 email: