Forza9 Cyprus gift tip:

Garden Magic

It’s true to say that here in Cyprus, where you really can rely on dry weather once winter is over, the garden really is another room. It’s that haven of air and cool green that comes into its own once the rains have finally blown themselves out.

Eight artists exhibiting in Forza 9 throughout June are taking the dust covers off the garden and celebrating the garden in a variety of media.
There are works to put out into the garden such as Anne Bateman’s charming series of mosaics based on the goddesses of ancient times – Aphrodite, Demetra, the Three Graces – a subject that has fascinated Anne for a long time and that she has researched deeply over the years. With her cool, muted colours and delicately poised figures, these mosaics will add grace, elegance and an air of opulence to any garden.
Conversely, Mary-Lynne Stadler’s garden hangings will bring a touch of joy and the ephemeral to your garden’s atmosphere. Fashioned in vivid colours on translucent acetate, they play on the chance movement of air to throw a mobile play of light onto any surface that the shadow is cast.
For those who do not have much outdoor space to speak of, or who want to bring the garden indoors, there are paintings and other works of art. Monica Childs’ exquisitely crafted oil paintings capture perfectly an atmosphere of garden, with all the colour and light play that the word ‘garden’ evokes, while Stephanie Woods handles the subject in an almost surrealistic way with her idiosyncratic juxtaposition of apparently unrelated objects in an almost imaginary space – an inner garden, if you like.

Add to this mix a touch of photographic magic (Philip Duerdoth), a delicate hint of watercolour (Jenny Duerdoth), a knotted garden of yarn (Judith Gibbs) and a colourful patch of quilt (Jady Kozak) – each exploring Garden in their own inimitable fashion  and you have a magic garden of delights. Don’t miss this little gem of an exhibition.

DATE: 05 Jun 2010 until 30 Jun 2010
LOCATION: Art gallery FORZA 9, Polis Chrysochous
CONTACT: Christina tel. 99127428 email
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