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Beneath the surface

From 7 to 21 April Betty Nicolas Toy shows her work at FORZA 9 Gallery in Polis Chrysochous. The exhibition emphasises the artist’s fascination for the effect light and shade has on natural shapes, mainly under water objects. The opening is on Saturday 7th of April at 19:00 hrs and everybody is welcome to join the party.

Betty Nicolas Toy uses a wide range of different media like acrylic and oil paint, oil pastels and found objects. The light and shade effects (chiaro/scuro) applied to underwater subjects like reefs, shells, plants and marine animals give a mysterious feel to the works. You can imagine yourself on a night dive discovering the beauty of this fairy-like underwater world.

About her work the artist states: “My fascination is with the juxtaposition of form, colour and texture and the influence of light and shade. I regard my work as primarily a vehicle for exploring and requiting that fascination. My ideas spring from an interest in the natural shapes, forms and textures of found objects, mainly on the beach and in rock pools. I make collections in my sketch books which I translate into paintings, transforming the images by de-construction, changing scale, layering and improvising variations on the natural organic forms, which I place in an imaginary space, often below the sea.
My aim is to evoke a sense of the mysterious whilst retaining a feeling of recognition.
In terms of genre I would describe my work as somewhere between figurative and abstract, with a hefty pinch of surrealism thrown in.”

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DATE: 07 Apr 2007 until 21 Apr 2007
LOCATION: Art gallery Forza 9, Polis Chrysochous, Cyprus
Beneath the surface - betty toy